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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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Sustainable resource use, development, and healthy way for a livable environment, improvements in the direction of developments to ensure the continuity of our employees to improve environmental awareness and education to run activities to promote environmental awareness, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery to work for, to protect the environment ensure the realization of projects by bringing up the natural resources and environmental protection in accordance with the laws and sanctions; Our part in protecting the environment and nature in our country to fulfill the legal responsibilities of the application to the applicable statutory regulations, Participating in activities related to the environment to support public and private organizations, People from all walks of society in every profession and a greener approach to their endeavor to bring about, Systems of ecological environment in which they live and understand the stakeholders' understanding of place within the system, allowing stakeholders to gain skills and habits in the direction of active participation in solving environmental problems, Borrowed from our children live in the awareness of the environment, planning and implementation of all processes compatible with the environment as a social duty to accept the continuous development and improvement, Factors that may cause environmental pollution, minimize waste-reducing recycling resources, rational and efficient techniques to use the application, Open to the public as a whole within the total quality management are committed to ensuring the continuity of environmental quality

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